The Courses

Each course is run for just one company at a time. This means that courses can therefore be tailored to the client’s particular requirements and a similar level of expertise among the participants is guaranteed.

Camilla Culley personally runs all the courses.

Each participant constructs their own financial model from scratch, as the most effective way to learn is by doing.

As an environment with expert individual attention and instant feedback is required, the class sizes are kept to a maximum of six participants.

The courses are suitable for participants with a range of experience, from beginners through to advanced. The courses run at different levels depending on the experience and numbers of participants.

Camilla Culley’s courses are delivered globally or virtually. UK courses are usually held in Bournemouth, but alternative locations can be discussed on request.

  • Standard Financial Modelling Course

    The course which is run most frequently is the three-day Standard Financial Modelling Course. 

    The course model produced by each participant is usually of the type that is used for project finance; however, variations are introduced for different business areas when appropriate. Participants learn about Excel’s capabilities (and pitfalls), shortcuts and useful financial modelling functions. There is a focus on clarity and logic, together with clear explanations about circular references and why they (and copy paste iterative macros) should never be included.

    Participants are given a thorough grounding in the various elements involved in financial modelling including macroeconomics, funding, loans, tax, accounts and cash cascades. Sensitivity analysis, NPVs, IRRs and banking ratios are covered in depth. If time allows (for example, with advanced modellers in smaller groups), some of the options from the Advanced Financial Modelling Course (see below) are included.

    Camilla Culley Testimonial

    I have learnt more in the last three days than I have at university.

  • Advanced Financial Modelling Courses

    These courses are for those who have completed the Standard Financial Modelling Course.

    Whilst the Standard Financial Modelling Course equips participants with the skills needed to tackle financial modelling, advanced courses are also available which expand on the standard course model to include more complex areas. Currently there are 13 different options available on the Advanced Financial Modelling Course which cover, for example, debt sculpting, subordinated debt and pre-funded debt service reserve accounts.

    Many of these advanced options are commonly solved by the use of copy paste iterative macros; however, in line with Camilla Culley’s philosophy, participants are taught how to include all these options with no need for these macros. This makes optimisation and analysis of the model far more efficient.

    Camilla Culley Testimonial

    The quality of Camilla’s thinking is what sets her apart.

  • Bespoke Courses

    Sometimes companies may wish a bespoke course to be designed around specific requirements. Please get in touch for further details.

The Practicalities

  • There is a maximum of six participants per course.

  • A typical course takes place over three days, unless it is on a one-to-one basis or an advanced course.

    Virtual courses usually take place over a slightly longer period.

  • Each participant builds a complete model from scratch.

  • Camilla Culley’s courses are delivered globally and virtually. UK courses are usually held in Bournemouth but alternative locations can be discussed on request.

To find out more about Camilla Culley’s training courses or to set up a meeting, please get in touch.
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