About Camilla Culley

Camilla graduated from Jesus College, Cambridge University with a degree in Natural Sciences. She began her career in project finance at Schroders and then moved to Morgan Grenfell, then the largest project finance advisory house in the City of London. Morgan Grenfell later became part of Deutsche Bank.

In 1995 Camilla set up her financial modelling business, primarily running financial modelling courses but also reviewing financial models. Since then she has delivered around 400 courses and trained approximately 2,000 participants from almost 100 countries. She has an international blue-chip client base.

Camilla is passionate about financial modelling and she brings this energy and enthusiasm into her training. She is also a highly intuitive and responsive trainer. On a Camilla Culley course you will be treated as an individual and will be challenged and guided at a pace that suits you.


Why Choose Camilla Culley?

  • My emphasis is on logic and clarity.  I focus on training participants how to develop the skills and thought processes necessary for financial modelling, with clear (and short) formulae and no need for circular references and copy paste iterative macros.  This approach means that results are quick and easy to calculate, surely the purpose of any financial model.

    The courses are bespoke and are only run for one company at a time.  Therefore, each course is tailored to the client.  There is no substitute to learning by doing and each participant builds their own financial model from scratch.

    I run all the courses myself and have a wealth of experience and tips which I pass on to the participants.

    "The quality of Camilla’s thinking is what sets her apart."
  • I have been immersed in financial models for over 30 years, both as a practitioner and trainer. My financial modelling training experience is second to none and I have personally trained approximately 2,000 people worldwide from almost 100 different nationalities.

    "It was the best introduction to modelling and project finance I've ever come across and I still use what I learnt from you."
  • I offer a bespoke service which is relevant for the needs of my participants and therefore only train for one company at a time and keep the numbers down (a maximum of six on face-to-face courses and four on virtual courses).

    I can therefore give each participant intensive personal tuition.  Countless feedback comments have confirmed to me how crucial this is to the learning experience.  It is clear that key content is lost if participant numbers are increased.

    "The most useful part was “the interactive learning style and quality of the teaching.  This included the relatively small class size."
  • I give an intense three-day course as my starting point which covers the essential modelling techniques and ensures that participants are immediately able to put content into practice. A shorter course would not give enough time to cover the subjects required and the repetition needed for participants to assimilate the techniques learned.

    Once participants have taken the standard course, advanced courses are available which contain more complex options to extend the standard course model.

    Virtual versions of the course are run over a slightly longer period.

    "I have learnt more in the last three days than I have at university."
  • I offer virtual courses for up to six participants.

    Human interaction and immediate assistance is essential and this is retained in the virtual training courses.

    "I was slightly reticent about virtual before the course but thought it actually worked really well. There was no point where I thought "this would be easier if we were all together in a room"."
  • Learning on the job is a very high-risk strategy. Too often models are over-complicated because of convoluted logic and poor structure and function choice.

    Three days spent training a financial modeller will dramatically increase their efficiency, accuracy and understanding.  It will also reduce the scope for major errors.  Whilst a cost is involved in training, the payback period is rapid.

    "Camilla is an excellent tutor who has a fantastic knowledge of the subject.  Her style and expertise resulted in this being the most beneficial course I have attended by some distance."
  • Of course.  I am always willing to assist any of my participants in their work.

    "Camilla was very approachable."
Camilla Culley Financial Modelling Training
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