Financial Modelling Training

Camilla Culley has been delivering high quality financial modelling training since 1995. She is an expert trainer with an international blue-chip client list and an impressive track record as a practitioner.

Camilla Culley’s courses are tailored to each client’s specific requirements. They are highly practical, intensive and fun. The courses equip participants with the skills to model faster, more efficiently and with fewer errors.

Camilla Culley also offers post-course support so that modellers can continue to benefit from her extensive expertise even when the course is over. It is this comprehensive understanding of modelling, based on practical experience, combined with very strong people skills that make Camilla Culley an exceptional trainer.

  • Camilla Culley Testimonial

    Camilla is an excellent tutor who has a fantastic knowledge of the subject. Her style and expertise resulted in this being the most beneficial course I have attended by some distance.

  • Camilla Culley Testimonial

    Camilla was very approachable; she knows her subject very well. She was able to keep our concentration levels high despite the complexity of the course.

  • Camilla Culley Testimonial

    A superb teacher. I can’t believe how three days can totally change my financial modelling and excel skills. Time really well spent!

  • Camilla Culley Testimonial

    For any users of Excel, this course is an essential time saver.

Camilla Culley Financial Modelling Training

“In the hands of untrained self-taught practitioners, financial models can easily become cumbersome black boxes which are both difficult to understand and prone to errors. On my training courses, clients learn how to create clear multi-layered models that are accessible and give instant results.

In particular, participants are taught the skills and logic needed to construct models which are free from any form of circular references; unfortunately, the vast majority of complex models lack this logic which makes them time-consuming to analyse and increases risk.

I have a blue-chip international client base and, after a successful career in project finance, have personally trained approximately 2,000 modellers from almost 100 countries.”

To find out more about Camilla Culley’s training courses or to set up a meeting, please get in touch.
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